Contract Research

Do you wish there was an easy way to develop your portfolio for your lead compound?
Or to test the efficacy or safety of your candidate molecules?

At William Harvey Research Limited (WHRL) we understand our clients need for efficiency, reliability and quality, which is why we aim to achieve the highest standards of customer care. Furthermore, our team of experienced scientists - several of whom are nominated by the Thomson ISI as among the world's 100 most-cited pharmacologists - offer advice prior to initiation of a study and a flexible experimental design helping to ensure that our client's compound will be tested through the most appropriate route for achieving their desired outcomes.

Following a study, the principal investigator will provide a comprehensive report of the findings including full statistical analysis and interpretation of data. All of these additional benefits, many of which aren't available through a conventional CRO, can save valuable time and money for our client as well as helping them to determine the most appropriate course of action in the development of their compound leading on from the preclinical stage.

As part of our preclinical contract research service, we also offer:

  • A broad range of disease models and techniques allowing a smooth transition and continuity between studies when testing in more than one therapeutic area with us.
  • More than 120 models available to select from; we have expertise in myocardial infarction, arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis (EAE), osteoarthritis, colitis (IBD), kidney disease, ocular inflammation as well as a number of cell based assays.
  • Confidential data that are the sole property of the client.
  • Independent evaluation of new therapies and Efficacy Verification.
  • Central London location with on-site facilities enabling ease of access to clients.
  • International reputation owing to 20 years of experience working with global partners.

We pride ourselves on the fact that many of our clients come to work with us through recommendation and many of those clients continue to value the quality of the service we provide, entrusting us with their studies time and time again. Contract Research is often the stepping stone to fruitful, long-term collaborative relationships.

To find out more about the disease models we offer or for a proposal, please contact us. You can also view a list of our available models here and find out more about the commissioning process here. A copy of our brochure is available for downloading here.

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